What are

Removable braces

Removable braces are named that way because they aren’t fixed, and the person wearing them can take them out during the day. Removable braces are made of plastic (synthetic resin) to which metal wires are attached. There are many different types of removable braces. A widely popular removable brace is the plate device. These braces are made of a plastic plate fitted against the palate. Attached to the plastic are all sorts of metal wires. A plate device can also be used for the lower teeth. Another commonly used removable brace is the activator. Other names are block braces, double braces, or double decker. The activator consists of a removable bottom and top that can be removed together.


For whom?

Young adolescents

During the intake we discuss what braces we should start your treatment with. For young people, sometimes a removable set of braces is recommended that guide the development of the teeth. Typically, this is then followed by fixed or Invisalign braces. These serve to better connect the jaws. We will make prints, scans, and photos so we can custom make your removable braces. After placement, checkups about every 4 weeks are required. The duration of the treatment always depends on your dental situation.

“I was really well-assisted in the process, and no longer afraid to smile! Thanks Lotte”

What do

Removable braces cost

The costs depend on your personal situation and wishes. On average, the price is somewhere between 500 and 1000 euro. A full list of prices and codes is available on the rates page.