Orthodontic clinic

Right in the middle of Amsterdam

In the heart of the city, perfectly accessible by car and public transport, we like to welcome you at Orhodontics Museumplein. Using modern techniques like scanners, virtual planning and touch screens we are able to give you a unique and highly comfortable experience. Our extreme experienced team is ready to guide you through an orthodontic treatment which will eventually lead towards a beautiful and healthy smile!


Dentist for orthodontics

Working in orthodontics for over 15 years, Lotte Meereboer is quite experienced. Staying up to date with current developments is just as important, Lotte is a speaker at many symposia and courses. She is the founder of the Dutch Aligner Society.




Orthodontics Museumplein offers all types of braces. What choice of braces is best suitable for you, is carefully discussed with you during your first consult.




Invisalign aligners are a set of clear, thin synthetic covers that slip over the teeth. Every other week, you put in a new set with a slightly different profile so that your teeth are gradually pushed into position.




Removable braces are named that way because they aren’t fixed, and the person wearing them can take them out during the day.


and splints


Retainers and splints: after the active treatment period, the braces are removed. This is then followed by a so-called retention phase. To stabilize the end results of the treatment, night retainers are fitted.




Fixed braces – also known as block- or square braces – are irremovable by the person wearing them. These types of braces are made up of little brackets that are glued to the teeth.


One tree

A bracket

Since 2019 our clinic became a donor for Trees for All. Because of the huge amount of data, cardboard and plastic which is being used for our modern orthodontic techniques, we attempt to somewhat compensate for CO2. Each year we support the planting of over 80 trees, in domestic and foreign countries. Patients can also choose to donate 1 tree for 6,25 euro for their treatment.