What are

Fixed braces

Fixed braces, also known as brackets, cannot be removed by the person wearing them. Fixed braces consist of little brackets that are glued to the teeth. Locked around the teeth are metal rings (bands). Attached to it are small metal tubes. The brackets and tubes are connected with a resilient wire. There are other types of braces that are fixed, such as the hyrax. Usually these braces are attached to the molars with metal rings.


For whom?

For everyone

Fixed braces are a match for everyone who has lost their baby teeth. In special situations, preparatory work with different brace types and/ or surgery can be required. This is dependent on the wishes, development and adaptability of the person.


in steps


Tijdens uw eerste kennismaking zal met u besproken worden wat de wensen en de mogelijkheden zijn, dit kan ook betekenen dat de behandeling nog even moet worden uitgesteld of dat u eerst nog naar andere specialisten moet. Verder maken wij scans met een 3D scanner, röntgenfoto’s en mond en gezichtsfoto’s met een camera. De kosten hiervoor zijn €350,-.

Getting started

Als alles is gecontroleerd door de arts wordt het definitieve plan met u besproken en kunnen we overgaan tot het plaatsen van de beugel.


Every 4 weeks we expect you to come in for a checkup. During this appointment, we can make the necessary adjustments, answer any questions you may have, and make sure the treatment is going according to plan.

Nearing the end

When the treatment is coming to its end, we sit together to discuss your results. If the original goals are reached, we can go ahead and order your night retainers or splints. It may also be possible that more braces are required.

“I was really well-assisted in the process, and no longer afraid to smile! Thanks Lotte”

What do

Brackets cost

The cost depends on personal situation and wishes. On average, the price is between 3495 and 4495 euros. A full list of prices and codes can be found on the rates page.