What are


Aligners are clear synthetic covers that slip over the teeth pushing them into a straight position. Every other week, you put in a new set with a slightly different form so that your teeth are gradually aligned. The Invisalign covers are made of polyurethane, do not contain BPA, and are carefully designed for optimal wearing comfort. Aligners have been manufactured and are used by dentists for decades; there are many types, brands, and quality differences.


For whom?

Almost everyone

Aligners are suitable for everybody. It may be needed to start with another types of braces or surgery. This will depend on the desired outcome, and development and adaptability of the patient. Aligners replace the metal dental braces (the brackets, not the activator) and other growth stimulating or inhibiting orthodontics.


in steps


During the intake we discuss your specific situation and needs, the possibilities, and costs. We will make photos, 3D scan and x-rays during the intake. The costs for this are €350,- and a downpayment of €300,-.

Getting started

When al the records are combined into a 3D simulation; virtual set-up and examined by the specialist we will present you with the final plan and order the Aligners to be able to place them.


Every 6, 8, or 12 weeks we expect you to come in for a checkup. During this appointment, we can make the necessary adjustments, answer any questions you may have, and make sure the treatment is going according to plan.

Nearing the end

When the treatment is coming to its end, we sit together to discuss your results. If the original goals are reached, we can go ahead and order your night retainers. It may also be possible that more braces are required.

““I felt really well-assisted in the process, and no longer afraid to smile! Thanks Lotte”

What do

Aligners cost

The costs depend on your personal situation and wishes. On average, the price is somewhere between 3985 and 4990 euro. A full list of prices and codes is available on the rates page.