and fees

Below you will find a list of Dutch rates for orthodontic care, as well as a list with technician costs. These rates are annually revised by the government and the laboratories that we work with. If you choose for pay after the treatment, your invoice will be sent via Anders Medical Factoring. On www.mijnandersnota.nl you can pay directly via iDeal, make payment arrangements, or inquire about invoices.

Would you rather talk to someone directly? You can reach service employees from us or from Anders Medical Factoring via this number: 085 760 62 62.



If you have a supplementary insurance that compensates orthodontic care, you can submit the invoice to your insurance policy. Be aware that some insurance policies can make use of a waiting period, only cover a percentage, or pay a set maximum amount. You can compare insurance companies on vergelijkmondzorg.nl and by going to the following links:

Orthodontics for childrenOrthodontics for adults


Orthodontic care list

F121First consultation21,7821,7821,78
F122Follow-up consultation21,7821,7821,78
F123Checkup appointment13,6520,3120,31
F124Second opinion103,16103,16103,16
F125*Manufacturing dental models16,7130,8630,86
F126Assessing dental model incl. treatment plan proposal60,3289,7389,73
F127Multidisciplinary consultation, per hour11,2611,2611,26
F128Prenatal consultation11,26
F129Orthodontics in first 2 years of age1.381,68
F130Extensive research for drafting and recording a complex treatment plan by orthodontic care provider103,16103,16103,16
F131*Manufacturing a diagnostic setup46,8769,7269,72
F132*Manufacturing extra dental models for treatment evaluation16,7130,8630,86
F133Assessment of extra dental models for treatment evaluation60,3289,7389,73
F151Intra-oral x-ray (3 x 4 cm)16,0516,0516,05
F152Occlusal bite x-ray16,0516,0516,05
F153Extra-oral x-ray (13 x 18 cm)22,3122,31
F154X-ray examination hand / wrist photos27,3427,34
F155Manufacturing orthopantomogram29,3443,6543,65
F156Assessment of orthopantomogram17,2025,5825,58
F157Manufacturing lateral skull x-ray18,3827,3427,34
F158Assessment of lateral skull x-ray51,3176,3376,33
F159Manufacturing front-back skull x-ray18,3827,3427,34
F160Reviewing front-back skull x-ray51,3176,3376,33
F161CBCT of the jaw137,55137,55137,55
F162Assessment of CBCT57,3157,3157,31
F401*Putting on brace category 0121,08122,77122,77
F411*Putting on brace category 1112,68196,13368,06
F421*Putting on brace category 2117,86204,55387,10
F431*Putting on brace category 3135,91233,59453,06
F441*Putting on brace category 4144,80247,90485,44
F451*Putting on brace category 5342,58558,43823,37
F461*Putting on brace category 6557,27909,881.346,34
F471*Putting on brace category 7540,80843,441.298,80
F481*Putting on brace category 8422,09676,531.111,41
F491*Putting on brace category 9554,78932,011.559,74
F492Removing brace category 5 to 993,86117,37117,37
F511onthly braces consultation category 128,5360,6360,63
F512onthly braces consultation category 228,5360,6360,63
F513onthly braces consultation category 328,5360,6360,63
F514onthly braces consultation category 428,5360,6358,58
F515onthly braces consultation category 532,6066,6966,69
F516onthly braces consultation category 640,7578,8178,81
F517onthly braces consultation category 740,7560,6378,81
F518onthly braces consultation category 848,9072,75100,03
F519onthly braces consultation category 961,1390,94118,22
F521Braces consultation 25th month onward (braces category 1 to 9)28,53
F531Checkup per three months braces category 1 to 428,5360,6360,63
F532Checkup per three months braces category 5,7,832,6060,6366,69
F533Checkup per three months braces category 6,940,7578,8178,81
F611*Documenting and reviewing data electronic chip in removable equipment119,82129,07129,07
F612*Placement of intermaxillary correction springs117,86204,55387,10
F716*Mouthguard during treatment with equipment25,7925,7925,79
F721Pulling tooth or molar42,9842,9842,98
F722Pulling tooth or molar, in same quadrant32,0932,0932,09
F723*Placing micro-implant (for braces)80,73100,94100,94
F724Preventive counsel and/or instruction12,8512,8512,85
F811*Repair or replacement of braces28,3242,1442,14
F812*Repair and installation of retention equipment37,3373,7273,72
F813*Placing extra retainer, per jaw37,3373,7273,72
F814*Placing retention equipment with non-orthodontically treated, or orthodontically treated, patient by another healthcare provider37,3373,7273,72
F815Removing splint, per element5,735,735,73
F911Buying on outcome orthodontics2.318,04

Technician costs


Indication of additional material and technician costs for dental treatments

Each person is unique. And with that every dental treatment. To give effective substance to this belief, the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) decided that for certain treatments, material and technical costs must be additionally charged. This way, patients are given a wider range of treatment options. To give you a good idea of your options prior to treatment, we have compiled the following overview. For purposes of conciseness, we have focused on the most common treatments. If, after discussing the options with your practitioner, additional material and/or technical costs are charged for your dental treatment, you will receive an individual quote. Or you can request one. No rights can be derived from this overview. The most common material and / or manufacturing costs in our practice are:

NZA code and description XVI. orthodontics
Description of material and technology
Price indication of
Up to
F125/ Make dental modelsTechnical costs dental model1935
F411/ Placing brace category 1Technical costs plate device3954
F421/ Placing brace category 2Technical costs headgear5065
Technical costs palatal bar3237
Technical costs lingual arch914
F431/ Placing brace category 3Technical costs block brace (activator)6075
F441/ Placing brace category 4Technical costs fixed jaw correction equipment85125
Material costs braces category 4710
F451/ Placing brace category 5Material costs brackets and arches140250
F461/ Placing brace category 6Materiaalkosten brackets en bogen280500
F471/ Placing brace category 7Technical costs Clear aligners21452450
F611/ Electronic chip in removable equipmentExtra costs chip5055
F811/ Repair or replacement bracketReplacing/repairing costs of braces550
F812/ Repair and installation of retention equipmentTechnical costs retention equipment3565
F813,F814/ Insert extra retention bracket, per jawTechnical costs retention equipment6575



Orthodontic treatment is a medical treatment. That means that complications can occur, and that risks are involved. You need good oral hygiene and preferably visit your dentist regularly. Some medications and conditions can affect your treatment, so please tell us if you have any allergies, are pregnant, or use medication. Once the treatment plan is drawn up, you will receive the Informed Consent in the mail. In this letter, you can find detailed information about the potential risks as well as our orthodontic recommendations.